FNB Building Loans

FNB Building Loans is an ideal loan for people who want to build a new home or make improvements to your existing one and this loan comes with great benefits. To qualify for the FNB Building Loan you must be above 18 years old, earn R25 001+ per month, with a clear credit record – used only to build.

FNB Building Loan Benefits

The benefits of the FNB Building Loan is that you can build a house using a NHBRC registered builder, buy in selected new residential development, ability to do home improvements on your existing home or new one, FNB will control payout on progress payments as per your instruction.

Qualifying Criteria for FNB Building Loan

As the loan state that it is a building loan so one of the criteria is that the loan must be specifically for build or alter a residential property.

For more information on FNB Building Loan visit www.fnb.co.za or call 087 730 11 33.

FNB Building Loans

FNB Building Loans

Poor Credit Home Loan

If you have a Poor Credit or you are blacklisted it wont be hard to get a Home Loan due to the fact that there are other financial institutions that offer loans especially for blacklisted people.

Apply for Poor Credit Home Loan

To see if you can get a Home Loan click on the banner below to apply:

Poor Credit Home Loan

Poor Credit Home Loan

Nedbank Home Loan

Nedbank offers types of home loan products and find the best one for your specific needs:

  • Ordinary Home Loan if you are buying an existing property
  • Building Loan if you are building or renovating
  • HomeVision if you want excess funds available to use at a later stage

Nedbank Contact details:

Home Loans Call Centre:
0860 555 111 (National)
+27 (0)11 710 4000 (International)

nedbank homeloan

nedbank homeloan

Ithala home loan

Ithala Limited offers a host of Loan products and services, including: Cash Loan products; Home Loan products; Personal Loan products; Commercial Property Loan services; and Home Improvement Loan services.

The purpose of this product is to finance the acquisition of land and buildings or the erection of buildings for new or existing SMME’s embarking on projects with a positive development impact.

Ithala home loan is available to :

SMME’s which will operate from the premises concerned;
Property holding entities with substantially similar shareholding as the operating business;
Developers of properties for rent to SMME’s; or
Developers of properties or infrastructure which will be benefit previously disenfranchised communities.
Term of loan

The loan term is dependent on the productive life span of the asset financed up to a maximum term of 20 years.
Repayment period and Interest rates

The loan repayment period can be structured according to the business specific needs but it is normally repaid monthly.


Security for this finance package may be structured in the form of the mortgage bond.

Ithala bank contact details

Call us: +27 31 907 8911
email: clientservices@ithala.co.za

Get Ithala financial products and save.

ithala home loan

ithala home loan

Absa Home Loan

Buying a house or building one can be very expensive, With Absa Home Loan you can offered the build or by a house with easy Absa home loan enables you to finance residential property, including vacant land.

A wide range of flexible features and options are available, allowing you to customise and tailor your home loan to suit your specific requirements and unique lifestyle. The Absa Home Loan is the key to your property finance needs.

An Absa Home Loan could be the right choice if you:

  • Want to buy a home
  • Would like to build a home
  • Would like to improve your existing home
  • Want to use the equity in your home to manage your debt
  • Would like to use the equity in your home loan to access additional funds
  • Are keen to invest in property

For absa home loan repayment goto : www.absa.co.za

ABSA home loan contact details:

Call on: 0860 111 007
Speak to an Express Agent: 0860 999 123

absa home loan

Cabsa home loan

National Housing Finance Corp

The National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC) is a development finance institutions established by the South African government to fund and facilitate the development of affordable housing. NHFC’s principal mandate is to broaden and deepen access to affordable housing finance and housing structures for the benefit of the low- to middle-income households.

The NHFC is committed to ensuring that every South African with a regular source of income has access to finance to buy, rent or improve their house. The Corporation’s goal is to enhance the well-being and quality of life of the low- to middle-income households with the security of a home, that is, South African citizens with an income between R1,500 and R15,000 per month.

In the affordable housing sector, through enhanced insights and knowledge, the NHFC plays a multiple role of Innovator, Financier and Facilitator ensuring viable housing finance solutions; sustainable human settlement growth; and mobilisation of relevant partnerships.

National Housing Finance Corp contact details:

Street Address: The Isle of Houghton
Old Trafford 3
11 Boundary Road
Houghton Postal Address P O Box 31376
Tel Number: (011) 644 9800 Fax Number: (011) 484 0204
Email Address: info@nhfc.co.za

National Housing Finance Corp

National Housing Finance Corp

SecuBond Home Loan

If you need a home loan or a bond then SecuBond negotiate with the banks on your behalf to get you the best home loan or bond deal – not only at good rate, but a home loan or bond that’s structured to suit your financial situation and future needs.

The Bond Process in South Africa

Purchasing a property and applying for a bond can be a very stressful and lengthy process. To help you understand it better we listed below the entire process and who is involved. But to make things easier for you, just fill in our online application form and let one of our consultants take care of it for you. They will guide you through the whole process, making your property transfer as simple as possible.


SecuBond home loans

SecuBond home loans

Liquid home loans

AMH is stretching out its savings muscle and here to offer South African’s more liquid solutions to finance. We introduce to you, Liquidcapital(the home to Liquidhome) and Liquidhome

Liquidhome is here to offer you practical home loan choices that will save you significant amounts of money.

Who can benefit from liquidhome:

Homeowners with a bond already registered with other banks.
New home buyers.
People who want to save money.

liquid home loan

liquid home loan

Home Loan Calculator

Repayments of your home loan is very important, knowing how much you will pay is imperative so use our loan repayment calculator to help you figure out how much you will pay when taking a certain amount of a home loan in South Africa.

Benefits of Home Loan Calculator

  • Help to determine how much they can afford to borrow on a piece of real estate
  • Home Loan Calculator also help a current or potential real estate owner determine how much they can afford to borrow on a piece of real estate
  • Help determine the change in the length of the mortgage loan by making added principal payments

A Home Loan calculator is an automated tool that enables the user to quickly determine the financial implications of changes in one or more variables in a Home Loan financing arrangement. The major variables include loan principal balance, periodic compound interest rate, number of payments per year, total number of payments and the regular payment amount.

Home Loan Calculator

Home Loan Calculator