Ithala home loan

Ithala Limited offers a host of Loan products and services, including: Cash Loan products; Home Loan products; Personal Loan products; Commercial Property Loan services; and Home Improvement Loan services.

The purpose of this product is to finance the acquisition of land and buildings or the erection of buildings for new or existing SMME’s embarking on projects with a positive development impact.

Ithala home loan is available to :

SMME’s which will operate from the premises concerned;
Property holding entities with substantially similar shareholding as the operating business;
Developers of properties for rent to SMME’s; or
Developers of properties or infrastructure which will be benefit previously disenfranchised communities.
Term of loan

The loan term is dependent on the productive life span of the asset financed up to a maximum term of 20 years.
Repayment period and Interest rates

The loan repayment period can be structured according to the business specific needs but it is normally repaid monthly.


Security for this finance package may be structured in the form of the mortgage bond.

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ithala home loan

ithala home loan

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