Litha financial Services

Litha Financial Services can help you get all the things that you want, they are a micro loan lender that offers short term loans and long term loans, short term loans are from R500 to R5 000 and repayment month’s start from 1 to 3 months and the long term loan is from R500 to R10 000 for 12 months with low interest rates and easy repayment periods.

Ways to apply

To apply for a Litha Financial Service Loan you need to go to the nearest branches or apply on online it is quick.

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To apply for Litha Financial Services you need to have a 3 months bank statement, payslip, a South African ID and a proof of residence then you’ll get a help and a loan that you need.

What does the Litha Financial Services offer

They offer two kinds of loans the short term and the long term loans were the short term is paid in 1-3 months and a long term takes 12 month’s with their easy application of the loan and low interest rates.

Contact details

Tel: 011 331 6921 or Fax: 011 331 6925 or Email: or website:

Litha financial Services Loans

Litha financial Services Loans

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